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    Thermal Imaging 

    Thermal imaging can help a property owner better understand heat flow, energy loss, and many other aspects of their property that are invisible to the naked eye. It has numerous benefits for homeowners.

    • Helps to detect hidden moisture ( that can also lead to mold growth)
    • Identifies the overheating spots of your electrical system in the house
    • Our thermal imaging device can detect heat at the connecting sites caused by eroding electrical wires.
    • Thermal imaging leads you to detect any overloading or overheating spots on your property, and you can repair them beforehand to avoid future damage.
    • Helps to identify any air leaks in your building
    • The portability of our thermal imaging cameras makes them perfect for determining the extent of moisture damage.
    • It may seem that the thermal imaging service is expensive, but think about the repair cost or higher energy bills that any overheating of your wiring can cause you; it is way too cheaper than that. 

    Moisture Mapping or Moisture Evaluation

    Moisture mapping is a visual representation of any home or commercial building that allows you to detect all the excessively humid and damp spots on your property that need to be addressed instantly. It helps you to dry all these excessive moisture spots before they lead to mold growth. It also helps you understand the areas of your property that are safe from excessive dampness.

    With estimate experts’ moisture mapping services, you can rest easy knowing that we’ll collect all the relevant data to help you reveal the deepest details of your property for insurance claims, repairs, or supportive additions to your reports. Thermal images and moisture mapping are beneficial in significant ways to help you prove your claim to insurance companies.

    Moisture Evaluation

    Moisture evaluation is a process to detect and analyze all the aspects that can lead to excessive moisture due to water intrusion in your property. It helps to detect the following:

    • Construction Defects
    • Neglected Maintenance
    • Lack of Ventilation

    These are the factors that play an important role in moisture infestation in your home. If your property has been damaged by intemperate moisture and you are looking for a company to write xactimate estimate for you to present to the insurance company to prove your claim. Don’t worry at all; Estimate experts got you covered. Our estimate writers team includes former insurance handlers and contractors, and they understand all the technicalities that need to be covered to get you the money you deserve. Estimate experts also perform fire, water, smoke, mold, and all the damage restoration processes. We also offer to handle your insurance claim and prepare xactimate estimate report and present it to your public adjuster or insurance company and receive your money on your behalf. We can take care of everything and give you the results. We are just a call away from you. You can call us at (561) 677-2977 or email us at, and our friendly representative will reach out to you shortly. We are more than happy to guide you. 

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