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    On-site Estimators and Licensed Adjusters

    At Estimate Experts, we’re flexible, fast, and, most importantly, convenient. Measuring and evaluating the damages that occurred to your property can be hectic and difficult. We understand the uneasiness it causes. It can be full of a hassle for insurance companies to analyze the different aspects of damages and the restoration process. To build trust between you and your adjuster or client, we act as a third-party assessor. We’re always ready to send our adjusters or project manager to meet you or your team on-site to collect information, take pictures and evaluate the situation with clarity and care.

    You’ll be able to get back to your daily life and work while we navigate the numbers, insurance, and paperwork. We can cover everything for you, from visiting you on-site to gathering evidence and all the information required to prepare your xactimate estimate and handle your claim to receive money on your behalf from insurance companies. The cost of our services varies on the service or full package you choose. But our pricing is very compatible as compared to the market. We take pride in getting our customers the fair money they need to cover their damages. We know that for people whose property gets damaged by any cause, it is already a difficult time for them. We help our clients to get back to their routines in no time.

    What does an estimation report normally contain?

    • Roofr Report
    • Diagrams
    • Length Measurement Report
    • Area Measurement Report
    • Pitch & Direction Measurement Report
    • All structures Summary
    • Images
    • Detailed analyses

    Share everything you can with us:

    • Photos of the damaged area
    • Floor plan drawings and charts – Highly Recommended
    • Estimate that your adjuster gave you
    • Fill out our forms – Mandatory
    • Specialty Bid items

    In many cases, the evidence or information people provide us with lacks in some points. 

    • Lack of images ( The whole damaged area is not covered)
    • Difficulty in measuring the exact area that got damaged
    • Sloppy floor plan drawings
    • Most people don’t know the technicalities they need to cover in order to prove their claim efficiently.
    • Most people face difficulty in aerial measurement of the property that can gather most of the information about exterior damages or restoration process

    If you are facing any of these difficulties, let estimate experts handle your claim. You just have to sit back and ask the professionals to do all the work. We take pride in helping our respected clients. Our team of skilled estimate writers, adjusters, and managers works diligently and efficiently to get your insurance money in no time. 

    When we write estimates for insurance companies, we mention their name, logo, and information on the report, not ours. You can rely on us. If you have any queries about xactimate estimates or about us, you call us at (561) 677-2977 or email us at, and our friendly representative will reach out to you shortly. We are more than happy to guide you step by step and write your estimates and get you the amount you deserve to cover your damages.


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