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    Estimates and Budgets for General Contractors and Restoration companies

    Usually, you don’t have a moment to sit on your hands when you work in construction. Every day on the job is challenging, and nothing feels worse than falling behind schedule. We understand the fast workflow and deadlines you’re under, and we are proud to dovetail with your scheduling to get your estimates done as quickly and hassle-free as humanly possible.

    Because even though delays and hiccups may have happened, how you respond to the crisis is important, and every minute counts. Estimate experts provide quick and accurate estimation services to general contractors and restoration companies. Our team of experts handles all your estimation tasks professionally. Your company name and logo will appear on your estimation report, not ours.

    Share everything you can with us:

    • Photos of the damaged area
    • Floor plan drawings and charts – Highly Recommended
    • Estimate that your adjuster gave you
    • Fill out our forms – Mandatory
    • Specialty Bid items

    Estimate experts write xactimate estimations for you. It can be used to request a new claim or to respond to your adjuster’s claims. Our experts have already handled and written thousands of estimations claims and reports for every possible damage scenario. Many contractors and builders come to us for accurate estimation according to their budgets and resources. We help them save time and resources beforehand. It is always convenient to get an estimation before starting the construction of residential or commercial projects. Many professional restoration companies also get an estimate from us for simple and complex projects. We take into consideration all the essential and small aspects a restoration project requires. We also offer all-in-one services. We can conduct on-site verification for you, prepare an estimate, present it to the insurance company or your adjuster, and receive money on your behalf. We prefer customer satisfaction over everything. We prepare your estimation reports according to your convenience. 

    We understand that restoration companies have a lot to deal with, and dealing with everything on your own can be hectic. Let us handle all your tasks. 

    EagleView Report:

    If you are working on an exterior of a property, and it is difficult to take structural measurements, we recommend you to have an EagleView report. It contains most of the essential values needed to write a xactimate estimate. If you have any queries about xactimate software or the estimation process, you can call us at (561) 677-2977 or mail us at, and our friendly representative will reach out to you shortly. Call us to get a free quote today.

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