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We Call Ourselves Experts For A Reason

Estimate-experts.com prefers customer satisfaction over everything. We have one of the largest xactimate expert teams in the market. With over 20 years of experience in providing accurate estimations, we take pride in helping our clients receive what they deserve to cover their damages. We work with all the respected insurance companies, realtors, homeowners, insurance adjusters, attorneys and more.

Our large happy customer base and their positive reviews about our services prove that you can rely on us to get precise estimations for your claims. With years of experience, our experts are fully skilled in using xactimate software. 


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Our Philosophies 

1. No excuses

(Be accountable, excuses are only good for you, and they won’t change anything else outside. The World needs delivery, no excuses.)

2. Always Triple check.

(When in doubt, emails, phone calls, deliveries, and charges, asking for confirmation, and verifying the information is correct.)

3. If is not profitable for our client, we don’t want to sell it. (Always caring about our client’s profit.

We deliver high-quality and professional services and ensuring that they are profitable for our client is the priority, we don’t want to sell the most expensive product, we want to sell the most profitable for our client)

4. We keep our eyes on long-term goals (Build a long-term ongoing business)

We don’t want our clients’ money. we strive to build a long-lasting relationship and build a long-term ongoing business. High lifetime value.)

5. Communication is key

(We are proud to have impeccable communication with clients and with our team.
-If you talk to someone it means a real conversation, not a text, an email, not anything else
-Call everyone (clients and team) instead of sending a text. be eager to call and speak with the clients and with the team
Important stuff should be discussed over the phone, don’t text if there is a serious issue to be addressed properly.)

6. We are a Team.

(You are part of something bigger than yourself, and a vital piece. you are like our lung or a body organ)

7. Honesty / Ethics / Integrity

(Act honestly and transparently, and maintain confidentiality and professionalism. Respect and Appreciate your Team and their Work.)

8. Be Intentional

(Have a clear intention before performing any action,
Overdeliver, fix the issue, communicate clearly, and confirm the message is clear)

9. Engage for Success

(Personally engage in the success of all team members and clients. Practice doesn’t make perfect; feedback makes perfect. we never take anything Personal.)

10. Filter Entropy

(The universe is Chaos is your duty to fix it, that is your mission on this earth.
Go beyond just solving problems, seek and eliminate the root causes)


We Care About Your Opinion

I’ve been a GC for 30 yrs and a remediation company for 15 yrs. I use Exactimate Experts for all my projects. Their service frees up lots of my time so I can be out in the field supervising and selling jobs. They also give unlimited revisions which is key to this industry. I would highly recommend them to any one in the business!!!!!


I am so pleased with EE I now refer to it as my estimation department. Our sales team now has more time to pursue sales. I would recommend this service to any contractors doing insurance work that wants to increase revenue.


I am happy with the results. I have had the opportunity to utilize two different type of products. They both work for me and will help me with future opportunities. Thank you.


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